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Campus Life

Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus (KU.KPS) provides a variety of services and supporting facilities for students and staff as follows:

Student Activities Unit (SAU)

On the campus of KU.KPS., students are encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular activities to acquire  working experience, to learn how to peacefully and happily co-exist with others and to make themselves helpful to others. Therefore, SAU has been established under the Student Affairs Division (Kamphaeng Saen) or SAD.KPS.  Their responsibilities are as follows:

- Student Activities: SAU supervises and facilitates student activities (in terms of supporting facilities and materials) which are organized by student organization, council and student clubs.

- Student Activities Promotion and Development: SAU also provides student counseling services; collects related data and information, and collaborates with the Board of Student Activities.

- Counseling Services: SAU provides counseling services for undergraduate study as well as information and counseling services about military affairs for male students.

Student Dormitories

On the campus of KU.KPS. there are 24 dormitories which can house as many as 3,982 students.

Campus Infirmary

This is located on the way to the dormitories next to the Buddhist Club building; it provides services from 8.30 - 16.30 every day. From 13.30 to 15.30, there is a doctor that provides medical services. An ambulance is 24-hour available in case of emergency. A Relaxation clinic is also provided here for students and staff.

Sports Center Kamphaeng Saen (SC.KPS)

The campus gymnasium, SC.KPS. is responsible for campus sport affairs and provides sport facilities including a swimming pool (open from 10.00 to 20.00 hrs. daily) , football fields, tennis courts and athletic fields, etc.

Staff Housing

Houses are also provided for its faculty members and staff. Housing provided includes Kaset Village 1, 2 and 3 and 11 campus condominiums.

Food Services

KU.KPS. also has food centers to serve its students, faculty members and staff, for example, Central Canteen1 between Educational Services Division (Kamphaeng Saen) and Lecture Hall 2 and Central Canteen 2 near Dormitory 2.

KU. Cooperative Stores

ร้านสหกรณ์ / เซเว่น-อิเล้ฟเว่น ฯลฯ

KU. Cooperative Stores(the main store near ATM Box Compound )and one other branch   sell various goods at low prices to students and staff.

Book Shops

On the campus of KU.KPS, there are a few book shops including KU Book Center on the ground floor of Lecture Hall 1 and a news stand near Central Canteen 2.