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About KU KPS


General Information

Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus (KU.KPS) is the first and largest branch of Kasetsart University (KU-the main campus in Bangkhen, Bangkok ) as well as beingThailand’s first University of Agricultural Sciences established in 1979. Like other higher education institutions, it is an educational and research institution , with objectives as approved by Kasetsart University Council, to provide and promote higher education; to conduct research, to provide academic services to society, to continue and nourish national arts and culture, and to take part in national development.

A Brief History

Kasetsart University—or KU-the main campus in Bangkhen, Bangkok--- is the first higher education institution in agriculture in Thailand. It originated from Agricultural Primary Teachers' Training School in 1917, then was established as a university on February 2, 1943with the symbol of Phra Pirun (god of rain) on a serpent surrounded by the circle of lotus leaves. The KU color is green, the color of plant leafs, and the Nonsi tree is the symbolic tree of KU.

Later, when the area for agricultural teaching and research was inadequate, KU planned to move everything involved with agricultural teaching and research to Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province in 1967. The Thai Government at that time approved the University Development Project funded by the World Bank loan (320.3 million baht) and the government budget (269 million baht). The Project began on August 22, 1972and was finished June 30, 1978. Learning and instruction began at KU.KPS on November 12, 1979.

 KU.KPS. is situated at no.1, village 6, Malai Maen Road, Kamphaeng Saen Sub-District, Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province 73140 with the area of 7,951.75 rai. The KPS campus is located 90-kilometer west of the Bangkhen Campus.

What KU.KPS aims for

In February 2009, all leaders across the campus of KU.KPS including the present vice-president, assistants to the president, deans and directors met together in the workshop for the Strategic Plan of 2009-2018 resulting in the latest directional statements as follows: