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Vision Missions


Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus(KU.KPS) is determined to be a research-based university with internationally recognized excellence in agricultural sciences


1. To produce graduates possessing knowledge, competence, virtue, morality, internationalized worldview, public mindedness, research and professional skills as required by the labor market.

2. To produce international standard research, focusing on agriculture and agricultural industries to resolve local issues and to enhance national competitiveness on the global stage.

3. To provide academic services proactively, satisfactorily and accessibly and to concretely extend collaborative networks between communities and production sectors.

4. To preserve, inherit, and promote Thai national arts, culture, traditions, local folk wisdoms and unique national characteristics.

5. To proactively manage the university through emphasizing the integrated collaboration among faculties, institutes, centers and offices within, in order to develope human resources, publicize campus outcomes and products, and generate increased revenue.